Election Day: February 26th

Higher wages. Lower rents.
A government working for all New Yorkers—not just the corporate class. Let’s bring the movement to City Hall.

Vote February 26! Special Election for Public Advocate

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You can't be a
check on corporate interests if you're taking checks from corporate interests.

About Nomiki Konst

Nomiki Konst has spent her career shining a spotlight on corruption and holding officials accountable in New York City and across the country.

As Public Advocate of New York City, Nomiki will be an independent watchdog for the city, unbeholden to special interests or political machines that have tied the hands of lawmakers and corrupted our government.

Unlike every other elected official running for Public Advocate, Nomiki is not accepting contributions from real estate developers, corporations, or lobbyists. 

Fighting Corruption

An award-winning investigative journalist, Nomiki has exposed political and financial corruption and covered progressive movements locally and globally. Her reporting has focused on New York government, covering the Independent Democratic Conference, the DNC, and Wall Street’s “disaster capitalism” in Puerto Rico.

She has investigated the lead poisoning crisis in Flint, charter schools, and the pollution caused by the fracking industry. She regularly contributes reporting and analysis to CBS,  MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and many other media platforms.

Progressive Activism

Nomiki is also a seasoned political activist and organizer. She recently served as a Sanders appointee to the DNC Reform Commission, tasked to transform, open up, and change the Democratic Party. In 2016 she was a National Surrogate for Bernie Sanders for President and a DNC Platform Committee Member and Delegate.

She was an advisor to LaunchProgress, which encourages youth leaders—women, people of color, people from lower-income families, people with disabilities—who our political parties may not traditionally recruit or support.

The granddaughter of Greek refugee immigrants, Nomiki proudly calls Astoria, Queens, her home. From her grandparents – who risked their lives defying political threats and escaping authoritarian communist rule – she learned to stand up to powerful interests and for what is right.

Nomiki Konst: Why She's Running for Public Advocate

“Income inequality is worse than any other moment in history. Think of 1929, the 2008 economic collapse—New York City has worse income inequality today, than then, and we have the worst city income inequality in the entire country at any moment in history.

“We have to go back to the root of this office, to represent all New Yorkers.”


Better Wages

Nomiki will push to raise the minimum wage to $30 an hour by the end of 2020. A $15 minimum was a huge achievement, but it’s not adjusted with inflation and, frankly, it’s still not enough to get by on in NYC. We can begin by passing this in the city — at least for municipal employees — and pressure new corporations investing here (like Amazon) to pay a $30 minimum, while adding protections for small businesses faced with rising rent costs. 

Housing for Every New Yorker

Nomiki will fight every day to check the power of the real estate lobby and make sure we finally prioritize affordable housing in this city. We don’t need more luxury apartment buildings, we need housing for working families. Nomiki supports expanding rent control to make sure 80% of all NYC apartments and all new housing units are rent-stabilized.

Health Care Is a Human Right

Nomiki will work with the Mayor and City Council to pass a single payer health care plan. Every New Yorker has the right to get the care they need.

A Fair Amazon Deal

At a time when our subway system is falling apart, when we suffer from an affordable housing crisis, when too many New Yorkers are paying far too much to see a doctor, we should not be giving the richest man in the world nearly 3 billion taxpayer dollars. As Public Advocate, Nomiki will launch a lawsuit to claw back the money that NYC officials promised Amazon behind closed doors.

Public School Funding

Instead of relying on a privatized system that cuts education access off from far too many and promotes an overreliance on developmentally inappropriate standardized tests in the name of profit, Nomiki will be a voice to fully fund our public schools.

Reform Government

To make sure NYC government works for all of us, Nomiki supports an attendance requirement so that the chairs of powerful City Council committees actually do the job we’re paying them to do. As Public Advocate, she’ll fight to place a Deputy Public Advocate in each of the five boroughs — because we need local watchdogs who will listen to communities about what they need.

Fix the MTA

Nomiki will lobby city and state government to pay for urgently needed repairs to the NYC subway, and seek to make the subway fare free. Public transportations is the lifeblood of our city, and every New Yorker relies on it to get where they need to go. We need to expand our subway and bus system so that every neighborhood, particularly low-income neighborhoods, can have the same quality of access to our transportation system that Wall Street does.

Defend Women's Rights

Women in New York are suffering from a representation crisis. The current epidemic of sexual assault makes it all too clear that representation matters. It’s time for a real, accountable system of gender and diversity representation for NYC leadership, from community boards to the Mayor’s office. To protect victims of sexual assault and harassment, Nomiki will move to establish a permanent, dedicated office that provides counsel, support, and justice for survivors.

Fight Climate Change
Our planet is in crisis. As Public Advocate, Nomiki will take urgent action to fight climate change and protect our environment. She will create a City-owned electric utility, as a path to reaching the 100% renewable-energy level by 2030; invest in a fully functioning mass transit system, so that ridership expands and CO₂ emissions are reduced; require all new construction projects to be zero-carbon; impose penalties on the use of imported, fracked gas; allow green roofs on any buildings that can host them, and add green roofs on schools, hospitals, libraries, and post offices; and ban plastics citywide while exploring ways to reduce the ecological impact of plastic on the City’s environment.

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“On day one, I will be calling for the public advocate’s office to be removed from line of succession to the mayor. The reason we’re in this problem today with 23 candidates for this position is a lot of people who have higher ambitions want a well-paying stepping stone. That corrupts the office.”

“The Public Advocate is a check on special interests, the industries that have corrupted our city, on every lawmaker who has taken—in one way or form—real estate developer money.”

“I’m not beholden to any political machine. I’m not beholden to any special interest group. And as of right now, I think that does make me unique.”

“The Amazon deal is the antithesis of good for New York. Nobody in New York who is a working New Yorker seems to be pro-Amazon deal.”

“You don’t like opinionated women, do you?”

“I’m running for public advocate because it is independent, it should be independent of politics.”

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